AFFU [Avdeling For Forskning og Utvikling], is a co-organisation between St Olavs University Hospital
(St Olavs) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) located in Trondheim.
This “Twin department” comprise co-workers working either, or both, at St Olavs and NTNU.
ECT more efficient for treatment resistant bipolar depression
published 17th of February
A study by professor and senior consultant Arne Vaaler and his associates show that electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is the most efficient treatment for treatment resistant bipolar depression. These results published in the American Journal of Psychiatry are nominated to one of the ten most influential clinical publications in psychiatry in 2014.
Defence of Doctoral thesis Lindy Jarosch-von Schweder
published 13th of January
Cand med, Lindy Jarosch-von Schweder, Department of Neuroscience, defends her dissertation for PhD in Clinical Medicine at NTNU, Faculty of Medicine titled: Use of electroconvulsive therapy in psychiatry Thursday 22nd of January at Østmarka Hospital.
Defence of Doctoral thesis Håkon Stenmark
published 19th of November
Cand psychol, Håkon Stenmark, Department of Neuroscience, defends his dissertation for PhD in Clinical Medicine at NTNU, Faculty of Medicine titled: Narrative exposure therapy for refugees and asylum seekers diagnosed with PTSD: A randomized controlled multicenter treatment study Tuesday 2nd of December at Østmarka Hospital.
Thursdays 1130 - 1230. AFFU, Østmarka

Our traditional lunch meeting presents various research project facilitated by researchers at AFFU/VOP and our collaborators.
The meetings are held in the conference room "Kårstua" located in the first building (white wooden house) to the left when you reach the hospital area.
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AFFU - Department of Research and Development, St Olavs University Hospital, P O Box 3008 Lade, NO-7441 Trondheim, Norway, Ph +47 72 82 30 30 Fax +47 72 82 30 46